Embracing a Spirit of Giving: 5 Acts of Service for Families

The holidays are a magical time for kids. Between the parties, decorations, treats, and gifts galore, who can blame a child for feeling excited about this special time of year? As parents, we understand this excitement, but we also want our children to know the importance of giving and not just receiving. Here are 5 acts of service you can do as a family to spread holiday cheer this season.

Become a helper Elf in your neighborhood.

Shovel sidewalks or driveways. Make and hang holiday wreaths on neighbors’ doors. Deliver holiday treats to mailboxes. The possibilities are endless! Trying to keep your identity secret can make this even more fun for kids!

Donate toys and games.

Have your kids sort through their stash of toys and games and choose some to donate to kids in need. Chances are likely there are a few (or several) at the bottom of the toybox that are no longer played with. Have your kids accompany you to a donation center to drop off these items.

Bring treats to first-responders.

Double your recipes during holiday baking and deliver the extra goodies to a local fire or police station. These community heroes often work long hours around the holidays, and this is a great opportunity to thank them for their hard work.

Adopt a family from a Tree of Sharing.

Many churches, community centers, schools, and stores provide gifts to needy families through a Tree of Sharing program. Have your child choose a couple of tags from the tree and help you shop for the selected families.

Donate time/supplies to a local animal shelter.

Spend time over the holiday break volunteering at a shelter, or go to a pet store and pick out items to take to the shelter. Our furry friends need love over the holidays, too!  

Our children are never too young (or too old) to learn about the importance of being in service to others. Happy holidays and happy serving!

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