A Noise In the Night – By Mary Ann Blair

The darkened forest fills with night sounds.

A sliver of moonlight peeks through the window of our tent.

I squeeze my eyes shut and pull my sleeping bag up under my chin.

A low grumbling sound begins to rattle around inside my ears.

The sound grows louder, picking up speed, rumbling through the tent like a freight train.

I wriggle deeper into my sleeping bag.

What kind of hideous creature could make such an awful noise?!

I flip on my flashlight and sweep it slowly around our tent.

In the beam of light, I can see the beast—his chest rising and falling, nostrils flaring in and out.

The noise crashes against the walls of our tent, but I’m no longer afraid.

It’s not a ferocious bear, or a two-headed monster, or a fire-breathing dragon.

It’s just my dad. . .the loudest snorer in all of the forest.

Credit: VeeUtiful via Giphy

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